The Ultimate Portable Smart Projectors In Australia

Truly Wireless.
Truly Mind-Blowing.

LUMINX Smart Projectors have been designed with one thing in mind - to bring you an unparalleled cinematic experience with you, wherever you go.

Every App.

LUMINX Projectors come pre-loaded with your favourite streaming apps like Netflix & YouTube. With HDMI Input, plug in your Firestick & load up your projector with your favourites, like Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Kayo and more!


An unparalleled cinematic experience, brought to you by Luminx. Our range of portable smart projectors gives you instant access to your favourite entertainment where ever you go. The compact and portable projectors can be used as a digital screen at home, in your backyard, on camping trips and more. There’s no additional set-up required, just bring it with you and the Luminx will give you access to your entertainment. If you’re looking for a feature-rich smart projector in Australia, the Luminx range is equipped with your favourite apps preloaded on the device, built-in Bluetooth speakers and an HDMI port.

Wireless Projectors In Australia

The Ultimate Cinema Experience.





Luminx projectors come in two sizes, the Luminx Mini and the Luminx Pro. Both projectors are equipped with vibrant pictures, impeccable image quality, Wi-Fi, HDMI and Bluetooth built-in speakers, making it the ultimate machine for entertainment.

Both projectors are compatible with 4K resolution content and with the help of Android 9.0 OS, you can stream your favourite TV shows and movies wherever you like. The Luminx Mini offers a 150-inch display with a bright light output of 280 ANSI Luminx while the Luminx Pro offers a larger 300-inch display with 400 ANSI Lumens, making it one of the brightest portable projectors on the market. Both offer a built-in Smart System that can easily detect the angle of your wall or any other surface you wish to project on. The HDMI port allows you to connect your favourite game consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch) and laptop. These wireless projectors in Australia are the next best thing for movie and TV show lovers, especially for people who love the theatres but do not have time to go to one. Luminx projectors are the closest you can get to a theatre-like experience without going to the cinemas. Crafted with a user-friendly design and smooth interface, you can operate the projector through a full function keypad. These Luminx smart projects are great for viewing both indoors and outdoors, whether in your backyard, on a camping trip or in your bedroom.

Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Google Chrome and more!

Thanks to our lightning fast Android 9 interface, you can customise your projector with the apps, games and streaming services you love. With HDMI input, connect your firestick, gaming console, laptop or any other device, the choice is yours!


A Great Portable Camping Projector

When camping or heading out on a road trip, it can be tough to find the perfect source of entertainment. While there are plenty of portable speakers and gaming consoles available, sometimes you just want to kick back and relax with your favourite movie or TV show. That's where a great portable camping projector like Luminx Pro and Mini comes in. Create an outdoor experience like no other whether you're headed to the mountains or chilling at the beach, this versatile little projector has everything you need to turn any space into a large bright screen of entertainment.

Every Luminx projector comes with a one year warranty. We also offer a 14-day change of mind guarantee if you’re not happy with the product.

Shipping is free all over Australia.


1. Do the Luminx Projectors require Wi-Fi?

Yes, a Wi-Fi connection or a hotspot connection to use data and stream your favourite shows and movies from apps like Netflix. Smart projectors in Australia use Wi-Fi to load content swiftly, without interruption.

2. Can the projectors connect to devices wirelessly?

Yes, these Luminx smart projectors can easily connect to different devices wirelessly with the help of Bluetooth, hotspot, & Wi-fi, and are equipped with the Android 9.0 OS software. Wireless projectors in Australia need a decent internet connection to work effectively.

3. Can I plug a memory device straight into the projectors or do they need to be connected to a computer?

You do not need to be connected to a computer and can connect your memory device directly. Our projectors are standalone devices that aren’t dependent on your phone, computer, etc.

4. Are wireless projectors suitable for home theatre?

Yes! Our Luminx smart projectors are bright and includes a built-in Bluetooth speaker that will make the experience similar to home theatres.

5. Is the Luminx Compatible with game consoles?

Both Luminx projectors have an HDMI port which gives you easy access to PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and more. If you game on a PC, you can easily connect via HDMI as well.