Top Key Factors While Choosing A Smart Projector

by David Hall on August 17, 2022

Projectors have always been one of the most innovative gadgets in the world of entertainment and business, a revolutionary way of watching videos and not limiting one’s experience to fixed screens. Smart projectors in Australia have started gaining popularity as they bring an unparalleled cinematic experience to the lives of many.

Smart Projector In Australia

‘Truly Wireless, Truly Mind-Blowing’, LuminX smart projectors in Australia have proved to be one of the most successful smart projectors in the country. The sole aim of Luminx projectors is to bring a cinematic experience to the table that can be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere. These portable delights can be carried on camping trips, used in your backyard, used for a business meeting or be carried anywhere you go. You will never experience ‘FOMO’ ever again, as long as you have a Luminx smart projector in your life.

Luminx projectors are loaded with your favourite OTT platforms. That’s right! These projectors have your favouring streaming platforms, such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and more built into the device! There is absolutely no additional set-up required - just bring your Luminx device with you. With built-in Bluetooth speakers and an HDMI port, you have nothing to worry about.

To make things simpler for you, here is a list of key factors that you should consider while choosing a smart projector:


1. Lamps, LED, Or Lasers:

You first need to determine whether the projector you’re looking for has a light source in the form of a lamp, LED or lasers in addition to the LCD and DLP technology. Luminx projectors feature a light source of OSRAM RGB 3LED.


2. Brightness And Light Output:

Without adequate light, a projector will not display a bright image which defeats the purpose of having a good quality projector. With a low light output, the image projected from the device will look too dull and muddy. Check the ANSI Lumens rating of a projector to know whether it will perform well.

Luminx Pro projectors feature a brightness of 400 ANSI Lumens and Luminx Mini projectors feature a brightness of 280 ANSI Lumens.


3. Contrast Ratio:

The contrast ratio of a device is the ratio between the black and white portions of an image. When a device has a high contrast ratio, the whites will look whiter and the blacks will look blacker. Even if your device has a bright output but a low contrast ratio, images will look washed out. Anywhere above a 2000:1 contrast ratio is deemed excellent

Luminx projectors feature a contrast ratio of 10,000:1.


4. Inputs And Outputs:

You must ensure your preferred projector has the right type of input, something that you can use without going out of your way. Luminx projectors feature built-in Bluetooth speakers and an HDMI and USB port. The projector dimensions for the Mini model range between 30-150 inches while the projector dimensions for the Pro model range between 30-300 inches. The projection distance for the Mini model is 0.2m - 4.5m, whereas the projection distance for the Pro model is 1m - 8m. With max 4K video support, Luminx Mini projectors sport a resolution of  HD 854*480 (WVGA) and the Luminx Pro projectors sport a resolution of 960*540 (WVGA).


5. Device Weight And Portability:

The portability of a home projector in Australia is important. You cannot be dragging a device around that was not built for portability. Luminx projectors were built to become one of the best portable projectors in the country. Luminx projectors can be carried anywhere since the Mini model weighs 550g/1.2 LBS and the Pro model weighs 1.36 kg.

Apart from all these specifications listed above, to know more about our products, simply check out our product page on our website and get the run-down on all details! If you’re hunting for the best cheap projector in Australia, the hunt ends at Luminx.