Best Mini Projector in Australia – LUMINX Mini Projectors

Get the Ultimate Cinematic Experience with LUMINX Mini Projectors

Why should every movie enthusiast have an unmatched, ultimate cinematic experience? Because it is what they deserve! If you’re one of those cinephiles who want to enjoy every moment of your favourite film in detail without facing space constraints, LUMINX Mini Projectors are perfect for you!

The LUMINX Mini Projectors can serve as your personal portable smart TV, thus allowing you to enjoy your favourite movie, sports, or video game from anywhere. Whether you want to binge-watch your favourite series in the living room or enjoy a high-anticipated football match in your backyard, LUMINX Mini Projectors will continue to deliver crisp, sharp, and clear images to ensure you get an unparalleled cinematic experience from anywhere. From keeping your interest hooked in the movie storyline to ensuring crystal clear image display, LUMINX Mini Projectors guarantee a realistic cinematic experience at a cost-effective rate. When looking for a power-packed mini projector in Australia, think LUMINX!

Give yourself a much-deserved cinematic experience by choosing the best mini projector in Australia – LUMINX Mini Projectors.

    LUMINX Mini


      The LUMINX Mini is quite literally a portable smart TV you can take absolutely anywhere with you! Whether you're in the living room, backyard, park or on a camping trip, our truly wireless projectors create a crisp, sharp and vivid image; offering an unparalleled cinematic experience, wherever you go.

      With a vibrant picture, 4K compatibility and a massive light output of 280 ANSI Lumens, the LUMINX Mini may be small but packs a punch! Watch your favourite movies, TV shows and streaming apps thanks to the LUMINX Mini's lightning fast Android 9.0 OS software. Built in speakers, WiFi, hotspot and bluetooth make the LUMINX Mini the ultimate entertainment machine!

      Project an impressive, vibrant & crisp image up-to a massive 150inch display with our built-in Smart System which automatically detects the angle of your wall or screen!

      The LUMINX Mini is a light, compact & portable smart projector that will leave you gobsmacked! Quite literally the best thing since the smartphone was created, this bad boy will shine a beam of light & entertainment wherever you go!

      Features of LUMINX’s Portable Projector in Australia:

      • Light & portable 
      • Full function keypad on projector 
      • Bluetooth version: BT 5.0
      • Brightness Level: 280 ANSI Lumens 
      • Resolution: HD 854*480 (WVGA), Max support 4K video signal input
      • 2-4 hour view time on a single charge (5200mah - long-life lithium battery for travel)
      • User-friendly interface
      • Projection Display Dimensions: 30-150 inches 
      • Projection distance: 0.2- 4.5m
      • Projection Mode: Front/ Rear/ Ceiling front/ Ceiling rear
      • Built-in smart features & apps 
      • Built-in x2 5w speaker output (Can be used as a portable Bluetooth speaker) 
      • LED 30,000-hour-long life (10 years if used 5 hours a day)
      • Easy manual zoom adjustment 
      • Auto vertical Keystone correction +/- 45º
      • Manual corner keystone correction +/- 45º
      • Android 9.0 OS system 
      • Built-in HDMI Compatibility 
      • Built-in USB port (Read Data from USB SSD Hard Drive, Supports Mouse and Keyboard Controls)
      • DC-in 12V/2A
      • Weight: 550g/1.2LBS

      LUMINX’s Portable Projector in Australia - What’s in the Box?

      • 1x Portable Smart Projector
      • 1x Premium hard-shell carry case
      • 1x Charger
      • 1x Remote
      • 1x HDMI Cable
      • 1x User Manual

      What else? You get a FREE Mini Tripod with our mini projector in Australia! Choose and buy the best portable projector in Australia from a trusted brand – LUMINX. If you’re ready to buy your LUMINX’s mini portable projector in Australia, get in touch with us today!

      Why Choose Our Mini Projector in Australia?

      Our mini projector in Australia is designed to ensure a magical viewing experience for viewers. LUMINX understands that buying a mini projector in Australia for your home should be worth the investment. Consequently, we have designed our LUMINX mini projector with added features and great portability to ensure viewers enjoy all the viewing benefits using one device, instead of opting for two or three additional sound set-ups.

      The 4K compatibility and excellent light output of 280 ANSI Lumens make LUMINX Mini Projector an ideal device for private theatre rooms. LUMINX Mini Projectors features Android 9.0 OS software, which allows you to watch your favourite movies and series on streaming platforms at lightning speed. The best part? LUMINX Mini Projectors have built-in features like speakers, WiFi, and Bluetooth, making it the ultimate entertainment device for movie and audio enthusiasts.

      The massive 150-inch ultra-wide display with a built-in Smart System ensures that vibrant and crisp images are showcased at the right angle on your wall or screen. Meaning you don’t have to keep adjusting the projector just to find that perfect angle! Our portable projector in Australia is compact and super light. You can carry it anywhere you feel like watching your favourite movie, sports, or music video – from living rooms and bedrooms to backyards or camping sites. Designed to further enhance your view experience, LUMINX’s mini portable projector in Australia will not let you down!

      Enjoy the beam of light & entertainment wherever you go with the best mini projector in Australia – LUMINX.

      Common FAQs

      1. What Is the Price of a LUMINX Mini Projector in Australia?

        The price of our LUMINX Mini Projector in Australia is only $769! That’s super cost-effective given the kind of features this mini cinema device has to offer.

      2. How Big Is the Screen of a LUMINX’s Mini Projector in Australia?

        The projection display dimension of LUMINX’s Mini Portable Projector in Australia is 30-150 inches.

      3. Can You Watch Movies on a LUMINX Mini Projector?

        Of course! You can enjoy your favourite movies, series, music videos, sports, and even video games with LUMINX’s Mini Projector in Australia without compromising on the display and audio quality.

      4. Does the LUMINX Mini Projector Have a Built-In Speaker?

        Yes! LUMINX Mini Projectors have built-in features like speakers, WiFi, and Bluetooth, which makes for an ultimate entertainment device.

      Customer Reviews

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      Honestly incredible 10/10

      Got the Luminx mini in the mail and it’s even smaller than I thought! Great performance. Bright & honestly beats all these other portable “smart projectors” I’ve tried. Very happy & would highly recommend to anyone that’s looking for somthing like this. It’s worth it 👍🏽