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Enhance your Viewing Experience from the Comfort of Your Home by Choosing LUMINX Pro

Smart projectors are the perfect optical device to enjoy your favourite movie, music video, live sports event, or video game from the comfort of your home. Most individuals prefer installing their smart projector in their living room or private theatre room to get an awe-inspiring cinematic experience with big size display. In fact, smart projectors in Australia allow you to take note of all the details in the video that are usually lost on any typical 85-inch TV. The highly optical device will create a high level of engagement between you and the video by mimicking a theatrical experience. Although you achieve a real cinematic experience, the only problem remains to find a high-end and power-packed projector that provides you with an unmatched quality display. The task of choosing one of the best smart projectors in Australia becomes even more complex with hundreds of optical devices available on the market. If you're worried about finding the perfect projector for your home, allow us to introduce you to LUMINX Pro.

    LUMINX Pro


      With an impressive vibrant picture, 4K support & a MASSIVE brightness of 400 ANSI Lumens on a 300 inch display, the LUMINX Pro offers 3D DLP-link compatibility, a clearer image and a built in Smart System running on our Android 9.0 software (Gosh that was a mouth full!)

      the LUMINX Pro Delivers what it promises, a pro cinematic experience; And with the ease of portability you can now take that experience wherever you go! Be it camping, backyard family/friend get-togethers, date nights, weddings, events or whatever else you can imagine!

      Specifications and Features of Our Portable Projector in Australia – LUMINX Pro

      When choosing LUMINX Pro, you can rest assured about one thing – achieving a pro cinematic experience. The ease of use and portability ensure you have this unparalleled experience from anywhere. From backyard get-togethers and camping to date nights and weddings, LUMINX Pro will continue to deliver the best view experience you’ve ever imagined.

      System Specifications:

      • Android 9.0 OS
      • WiFi: 2.4G & 5G dual-band WiFi
      • Bluetooth version: BT 5.0
      • Support Airplay, Miracast, DLNA

      Optical Specifications:

      • Light source: OSRAM RGB 3LED
      • Light life time: 30,000 hours
      • Brightness: 400 ANSI lumens
      • Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1
      • Resolution: 960*540 (WVGA)
      • Projection Dimensions: 30-300 inches
      • Projection Distance: 1m - 8m
      • Focus mode: Electronic motorized focusing
      • Zoom: Remote electric zoom
      • Battery: Built-in 15600 mAh Li-ion battery, with up to 4 hours of battery life

      LUMINX Pro Specifications:

      • Speaker: 5Wx2, Stereo output
      • Projection Mode: Front/ Rear/ Ceiling front/ Ceiling rear
      • Keystone Correction: Auto/Manual Vertical keystone, Manual Corner Keystone
      • Power consumption: 65W
      • Device: 129x149x127mm (5.07x5.86x5inch)
      • Weight: 1.36kg

      Buy the best cheap projector in Australia – LUMINX Pro.

      LUMINX Pro Portable Projector in Australia - What’s in the Box?

      • Premium Storage Box
      • 1x Portable Smart Projector
      • 1x Charger
      • 1x Remote
      • 1x HDMI Cable
      • 1x User Manual

      Common FAQs

      1. Can You Play a Game on a LUMINX Pro Projector?

        Absolutely! LUMINX Pro projectors are designed with an unparalleled display that ensures you enjoy your favourite video games anytime. The ultra-wide display and built-in speaker will ensure a truly unmatched gaming experience.

      2. How Many Lumens Is Good for a LUMINX Pro Projector?

        Our portable projector in Australia boasts exceptional brightness of 400 ANSI lumens (960 lumens).

      3. Do LUMINX Pro Projectors Have Batteries?

        Of course. LUMINX Pro projectors have a built-in 15600 mAh Li-ion battery that lasts up to 4 hours of usage.

      4. Does LUMINX Pro Projector Have a Lifespan?

        The lifespan of LUMINX Pro projectors depends on the frequency of usage and battery life. You can get in touch with one of our technical experts to get more information about our projector devices.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Alex Hales
      Not bad at all!

      Thanks for a great product guys! Gaming on this has been next level 😍

      Nick S.

      Very happy with this purchase. Smaller than I thought and works better than expected.